Zeiko Duka

1001 talents

9/1/20231 λεπτά ανάγνωσης

Born into a family of artists, Zeiko was born with a paintbrush in her hand and held her first exhibition at the age of 6. Her passion for art led her to study architecture in Georgia and then Design in Moscow. These studies and her interest in architecture have not slowed her down in her creative process, as she has had the opportunity to travel the world to present her work.

Her work has been published in the UK GQ (VOGUE House), in the worldwide art books ''CURRENT MASTERS'' USA, ''Inspiration: INTERNATIONAL ART BOOK UK'', ''Circle Foundation of the arts'' France.

Her works are also part of several private collections, notably in the United States, United Kingdom, Greece, Georgia, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Italy, Morocco, Netherlands, China, France.

The singularity of her work allows her to depict common, ordinary subjects from unusual angles, accentuating their forms and playing with light.

Her work explores the contemporary human being in all its wholeness and what it can represent and express. It's not simply a question of playing with faces, colors and shapes, but of distorting reality to retain only the feelings.

She is mainly using oil painting playing with textures that are unique to each work, and experimenting with brushes and spatulas. Another technique, somewhere between drawing and pointillism, faces and shapes that move between reality and imagination. Different techniques in which the artist excels in her rigour, patience and determination.

Zeiko has been presented to more than 56 artistic exhibitions around the world and we are delighted to announce that this talented artist can propose tailored artworks, to draw and paint your wishes and dreams.

Do not hesitate to contact for any inquiry about her artworks.