Sacred places and symbols of cultures

This exhibition is curated by the art historian Louiza Karapidaki.

2024 is celebrating the 150 years of the impressionism movement as well as the cultural relationship between Greece and Japan. For this special occasions we present the works of 2 artists using traditional Japanese techniques: sumi-e as well as the use of water colors.

This technique as part of the Zen Buddhism is a way of expression where the emptiness and simplicity are keys.

Ntina Anastasiadou has brought to Greece the know how from Japan, after studying and living there for more than 10 years. She introduces to us the beauty of simplicity, the purity of ink on paper, the grace and delicate touch of water colors.

Through her works she is inviting us to travel between places and symbols of cultures, both Greek and Japanese, she creates for us a link and fusion between the two cultures.

Polyxeni Samanidou is passionated by the Japanese art and is sharing with us her passion and love for Japan, painting symbols of love, spring and gentleness. She invites us to dive into the softness of Japanese art, bringing peace of mind and her delicate touch.