Hello, Good bye...

The exhibition is curated by Emeritus Professor Manos Stefanidis.

Hello, Good bye... is an exhibition that aims to discuss the idea of beginning and end, the beginning of life, the moments that mark it and its end. Through the artists' different visions, we discover all the meanings and nuances that shape our existence.

This concept was developed in psychoanalysis in the 1920s by Freud, who described what he observed when a child obtained something and lost it immediately afterwards.

The artists each demonstrate in their own way the plurality of "Hello, Good bye..." but also its everlasting aspect.

Vasilis Soulis explores the bodies and scenes of everyday life. He gives them new shades, plays with light and shadow, revealing in a new reality before our eyes. The difficulties of life, the melancholy of everyday life and quite simply the passage of time...

Pantelis Psarras takes us into a more political and provocative universe, where the brushes do not play with reality, but restore all its harshness and bring out political perceptions. In confronting reality, Pantelis Psarras plays on contrasts, with bodies marked by time and some other plasticised, fighting against the rules in place and trying to escape. A voice for freedom.

Kalli Kastori brings a feminine sensibility to "Hello, Good bye ...". From the inner dialogue and solitude that are part of our lives to the diversity of human relationships and their different meanings. Life is made of moments such like a book full of white pages ready to be written.

A guest artist - George Bardakas - accompanies this exhibition. Through a representation of human bodies using a mixed technique, including the use of digital art. A stunning vision of life and people.