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Constantin Cavafy

Morning Sea

Let me stop here. Let me, too, look at nature awhile.

The brilliant blue of the morning sea, of the cloudless sky,

the yellow shore; all lovely, all bathed in light.

Let me stand here. And let me pretend I see all this

(I really did see it for a minute when I first stopped)

and not my usual daydreams here too,

my memories, those images of sensual pleasure.

The sea utters a secret voice —
a voice that enters
our heart and moves it
and makes it happy.

The sea sings us a tender song,
a song composed by three great poets,
the sun, the air and the sky.
She sings it with her aunt's voice, when the summer weather
spreads peace on her shoulders like a dress.
Its cool melody brings messages to the souls . It reminds of the past youth
without bitterness and without burning.
Past loves whisper,
forgotten feelings relive
in the waves the sweet breath.

The sea sings us a tender song,
a song composed by three great poets,
the sun, the air and the sky.
And when you see its wet plain,
when you see its endless green,
its plain is so close and so far,
full of yellow flowers that it sows
the light like a gardener, joy takes you
and intoxicates you, and lifts your heart.
And if you are young, the lust of the sea will run through your veins ; the wave of his love
will wash you with a word , and will shower your love with a secret scent.

Voice from the Sea

A word from the Artist regarding her abstract interpretation of the sea and her abstract art

The sea.

A word that evokes so many thoughts, images, feelings. "Fire, woman and thalatta" - the three most intense elements, according to the ancient Greek poet Maeandros. All of us are connected to the sea in some way. Whether it's travel memories, living somewhere near her, or even living off of each of us has unique references and creates different mental images of her.

For me, living in an urban environment, the sea is perhaps the one and only natural element with which I feel a strong connection. She gives me a sense of "belonging" and contentment, which is why I feel privileged to live next to her year-round. Moreover, it is the only natural landscape that visually engages me continuously. I could not sit and look at a forest or a field for more than a few minutes, but I can gaze at the sea and its constant play with sand, wind and sunlight for hours.

These are exactly the feelings and images I tried to convey with this series of works that I am exhibiting. The constant change of the seascape, creating paintings that represent different time passages of the same view. The interaction between water, light and earth through many layers of colors and textures. The sea in different geographical locations, depicting both aerial and sectional views of different bodies of water. And finally, the effect that human activity can bring about, resulting in a landscape very different from the ideal visual association when we hear the word Sea.

I hope you will join me on my journey through these artworks and that they will evoke your own memories and feelings.

A word from the gallery

The beating of a butterfly's wings.

One look, one breath, and in an instant the Sea reveals itself before our eyes and slips away. Elusive. Ephemeral and eternal. Light seeps in, the Sun's rays slip through its waves. Every moment is different, its waves take shape and then fade away, its colors metamorphose, turquoise, green, yellow, orange, pink, ultramarine blue. She rises, shining with life.

It doesn’t exhaust itself; it plays with us and our gaze. It slips away, changes and dresses itself with unique colors.

It is pure movement.

And when we think we've captured its essence or a fragment of it, however tiny, it transforms and transmutes into a new state.

A blink of the eye and what we thought we were discovering takes on a new face.

The Sea takes the sun as its lover and lets it spread over it, then simply lets it go without the slightest movement, or stirs and rejects it in a movement of foam.

The Sea, powerful and elegant, simple and complex, reflected in a superb series of abstract artworks.

Fay Anagnostopoulou honores us with a series of abstract works in which she brilliantly illustrates the elusive power of the Sea and manages to portray all these states with accuracy and skill. Her remarkable combination of sewn canvases enables her to capture the full complexity of this wild Nature in a single work. An innovative and disruptive work that we are very delighted to present.

5 facts you should know about the sea:
  1. There is only one ocean not 7, only one connected all over the Earth. When something changes in one part it impacts the rest of the ocean

  2. The ocean covers the Earth by 71%

  3. The Great Barrier Reef measures 2 600km and is visible from the Moon

  4. Scientific considers that we have only discovered from 5 to 10% of the life underwater …. A lot more to discover

  5. The Ocean produces most of our oxygen (about 70%), contributing more than the trees to our life