Vagelis Katsaros

Storyteller with a brush

10/18/20231 λεπτά ανάγνωσης

Vagelis is a Greek artist with more than 45 years of artistic creations. He mastered oil painting as well as 3D structures where he is playing with the viewer and he enjoys to show us the world through his sharp and well-intentioned eye.

Among other, he is playing with the representations of the scarecrow to show us the reality under a new face and invite us to rethink the world. A scarecrow that is part of the world but is not there to scare, nor to prevent any bad bird to come to us. A scarecrow that reflects what remains, maybe just our reflection in a mirror ?

Vagelis is a storyteller with a brush. Through his art, he reveals us our modern society with a critical eye. Playing with sunglasses, cables, ties he is building the 3D structures with the day to day objects and assemble them to denounce the craziness and excess of our environment.

We have selected a series of his artworks to highlight the turbulence that the world is facing recently. His artworks are combined with an extract of a book where Lewis Carroll - Charles Lutwidge Dodgson of his real name - created a new world through - maybe for - the eyes of Alice, an imaginary wonderland where the moral might be everywhere or maybe nowhere...