Ntina Anastasiadou

Painter sumi-e

4/13/20242 λεπτά ανάγνωσης

Artist Statement

Since I have stayed in Japan for almost 9 years and I have learned Japanese painting techniques under Japanese artists, I am deeply influenced by Japanese culture. As a sculptor I have been taught the aesthetic values of ancient Greek, classical and modern Western art. Despite it, in my artworks I have integrated principles, aesthetic values, techniques and themes from Japan. In my artworks I depict either portraits or nature (fauna and flora) subjects. Through my portraits I can express feelings. By exaltation of nature, I can express my keen desire for environment protection.

Awards and Collaborations

From 2019, under the auspices the Embassy of Japan in Greece, she teaches Japanese sumi-e painting techniques at the of Greek Children's Art Museum in Athens and delivers lectures about the arts and culture of Japan.

In 2020 she got a commission, by Mr. Laurent Dassault (French Rafale combat aircrafts) and the French Consulate in Thessaloniki, to create the bust of Moses Allatini. The bust is installed at the Thessaloniki's Prefecture Building.

In 2021 she received the Japanese Foreign Minister’s Commendation Award for 2021 in recognition of her many years of commitment to promoting mutual understanding and friendly bilateral relationships between Japan and Greece.

She is the Vice-President of Greek Japanese Association in Greece.

Exhibitions and Collections

She has held about twenty individual exhibitions in Greece, Japan and India and has participated in more than thirty group exhibitions in the aforementioned countries.

Her artworks are found in the following collections.

· Embassy of Japan in Greece.

· Sanskriti Foundation / Sanskriti Museums, New Delhi, India.

· India International Centre, New Delhi and Embassy of Greece in New Delhi, India.

· Indian Council of Cultural Relations (I.C.C.R.), Rabindranath Tagore Center, Calcutta, India.

· Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in Greece.

· Museum of Asian Art, Kerkyra island, Greece.

· Herakleidon Museum Athens.

· Museum of the City of Athens

· Collection of Vafopouleio Cultural Center, Thessaloniki.

· Municipal Gallery of Thessaloniki, Greece

· Museum of the City of Athens.


1980-1986 She graduated from the sculpture department of the School of Fine Arts of the University of Athens. (She graduated with honors 10/10).

1989-1991 She received a scholarship from the Government of Japan (Monbusho) and attended Japanese art history classes at the Department of Philosophy, at the University of Kyoto. From 1986 to 1992 she was in Japan and was taught Japanese, calligraphy and ink-wash (sumi-e) painting techniques next to historian and calligrapher Mitsuo Takaoki.

2012-2014 She received a scholarship from the Government of India (I.C.C.R.). She holds a Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A.) from Rabindra Bharati University in Kolkata.