Kaouteur Souibgui

Symbolist artist

10/19/20231 λεπτά ανάγνωσης

Kaouteur Souibgui is a French Artist born in 1978. Before setting her sights on the pictorial sphere in October 2019 and exhibiting in a gallery for the first time in 2021 (COVID having cancelled her first exhibition in 2020), she was a German teacher for 10 years.

She currently works in Grenoble as a 'déchiriste' visual artist and collagist. She regularly takes part in international art competitions, and has already exhibited in Zévaco (near Ajaccio) in Corsica, Paris, Milan, New York and Bologna.

Kaouteur has no specific artistic training or background, making her a pure self-taught artist. This status gives her great freedom and originality, allowing her to experiment constantly.

Under no circumstances does she seek to reproduce reality, preferring instead to transcend it. Like her revered friend Charles Baudelaire, she likes to repeat: "Nature is ugly, and I prefer the monsters of my imagination to positive triviality".

So, whether on the scale of painting, collage or 'sculpturoid', she proposes to redefine the notion of aesthetics at the light of her own emotions.

She developed a series made of bones and woods from a roe deer as symbol of futility of Life and inevatibility of Death, playing with the symbols she is bringing us to her world of imagination where we can dance and reflect with her works. Welcome in her Flowers of Evil, where bones, strass and chains reveal a new world to the viewer.