Georgia Kalathianaki

Representative artist


8/29/20231 λεπτά ανάγνωσης

From a very young age I had a great love for painting!
I hadn't left wall to wall in the house.
Then I discovered the paper, when my mom was tired of washing the walls.
On paper I started experimenting with colors and understanding what it means to express myself...
It captures what I feel in shapes, colors, shadows and light!
When I sat down for the first time in front of a canvas and held a brush and a palette, I felt energy and the urge to create!
I am an artist, a painter and my inspiration can be anything that touches my soul and wants to express itself!
My artwork is my soul ...

Art and Health

Extract from WHO website -

Research by the WHO Regional Office for Europe has shown that the use of artistic media in health care and in communities can have a variety of benefits for health outcomes. They can be used to communicate valuable messages across cultures and political divides, help affected communities understand the risks of certain diseases or behaviours and provide ways for affected populations to process and learn from their individual and collective experience to improve their wellbeing among other benefits.