George Bardakas

Black Art artist


8/29/20231 λεπτά ανάγνωσης

George Bardakas was born in Athens in 1969. He holds a degree in Business Administration and a degree in Aviation and Tourism Business. He worked for a long time as Marketing Director at Concorde Voyages (Tour operator specialized in France - Executive representative Tourism Internationale Française). He experimented with different techniques, combining painting with constructions made of recyclable materials, trying to give the illusion of three dimensions to his works. His experimentation with materials is not without reason and substance. The viewers become partakers of his personal journey and his look at life and this journey. The works reveal the existence of a world different from today's multidimensional society. His art ranges between Postmodern and Black Art, he creates 3D paintings that capture his psyche and artistic temperament. Communicative and Romantic, he focuses on the interactivity of his works in order for the audience to directly perceive his creations.

His motto : "What the eyes hear"

The sea was the initial stimulus to his visual expression. He calmed down with ships, travelled, brooded, dreamed, stopped time in old woods, travelling sand, thin ropes, nails, wires, glues, paints...... He composed, bound, nailed, glued, trying to balance between harmony and contrast. In his journey through the palette of colours and senses he experimented with the blue of the sea, the white of innocence, the red of the passion of danger and action, and the black .....of redemption, of liberation from normal contexts, away from rules and patterns, inspiring the viewer in the art of externalizing the individual temperament. Since the end of 2019 he has created in Alimos, a unique space of art and creation - Atelier 6. There he creates and exhibits his works (paintings, sculptures and other artistic creations).